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Icons For Your Brain

mind the gap

Icon Attack!
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  • 1conattack@livejournal.com

What up? This icon journal is friends only for various reasons. Comment and add me and I'll most likely add you back so you can see all the sparkly icons. If you break the rules, your ass is booted.

I do a lot of icon sets of movies and TV shows, as well as a bunch of seasonal stuff. Photgraphy inspired too. No anime. So don't ask.

Credit my icons in keywords or on your profile. Or I will become quite cross
Drop a comment whenever you snag an icon. I like to see who's taking what and what icons people like the most.
I truly like it when you tell me what's wrong with an icon. Too dark? Too light? Choppy animation? Tell me, I'd like to know. I can't always critique my own work.
Share. You can't always be the only person with that icon you love so much.
I don't mind if you put my icons up in your personal gallery page or something, but you MUST give me credit on the page that the icon is on.
I don't keep up with any icon nominating communities, and if for some reason you decide to nominate me for something, please tell me over e-mail or AIM. Danke.

Follow the rules and I will be quite the happy panda.

Lilo and Stitch [34 icons]
Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" [6 icons]
Apple lovers [7 icons]
Coldplay lyrics and assorted [26 icons]
Eels "Climbing Up To The Moon" [5 icons]
Halloween/Autumn [20 icons]
Han Solo [8 icons]
Death to Smoochy [5 icons]
Assorted animals [12 icons]
Underworld [15 icons]
Fight Club [15 icons]
Nip/Tuck [6 icons]
Finding Nemo [13 icons]
Older assorted animals [17 icons]
Pirates of the Caribbean [30 icons]
Coldplay and other lyrics [9 icons]
Amélie [15 icons]
Nightcrawler [X2] [9 icons]
The Matrix : Reloaded [8 icons]
Government Warnings [5 icons]
Peacenik [4 icons]
Guster and DMB lyrics [9 icons]
Random icons [14 icons]
Abstract [12 icons]
Eyes [4 icons]
French Poetry [3 icons]

Zen icons
Nightmare Before Christmas
Lilo and Stitch
Neverwhere [BBC miniseries]
Winter themed
Conan O'Brien

Ricki is a 17 year old student with a fondness for happy rock and Apple computers. Ricki has talent in many areas, and so she exercises absolutely none of it.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like watching butterflies and kicking rocks and saving earthworms.

She is also amazingrando.

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